Mildura Fruit Juices Aust is continually working on new products and processes to satisfy customer needs in Australia.

Mildura Fruit Juices Aust (MFJA) commenced trading in 1970 and is a major fruit processor of juices, concentrates, cut peels, oils, blends & bases, confectionery, sauces, pulps and purees to the beverage and food service industries.


We stay focused and never get distracted from our goal. This allows us to withstand – and recover quickly from – the ebbs and flows and inevitable difficulties that hit any business from time to time. We build resilience by staying true to our original objective, ensuring we have the right people in the right roles, providing adequate training and constantly improving our procedures, processes and systems.


We’re loyal to the company that provides us with our jobs and livelihoods. We make decisions in its best interest, negotiate proactively on its behalf, roll up our sleeves to get behind it, support each other to boost its growth and take pride in its success.


We conduct our business honestly. People know they can trust
what we say and do. We’re aware that one breach of that trust can undo all we’ve done to build our company and our brands. We understand that we are the torchbearers for our company’s reputation. We take full responsibility and accountability for upholding it, and have the courage to speak up about anything that may damage it.


We’re ambitious. We set the standard high and energetically challenge ourselves to succeed. We do this by believing in ourselves, having a positive mindset, working hard, demonstrating leadership at all levels and concentrating on actions and activities that deliver on our aspirations.


Having a workforce that is diverse in thought, age, culture, backgrounds and beliefs allows us to spot new trends, read the market more comprehensively, understand consumers better and operate more effectively in a global marketplace. As a company that sources supplies from around the world, manufactures and operates in Australia and New Zealand and has a growing focus on Asia, it’s fundamental to our business success.


We want to create a work environment that encourages open debate, ingenuity, boldness, considered risk-taking and the kind of creative thinking that solves problems, provides solutions and introduces new and exciting ideas to product lines, as well as to business models, processes and strategies.