Here at Mildura Fruit Juices Aust, we use the most advanced technologies and machinery when creating our juices. The MFJA plant contains a range of innovative juice extraction equipment to ensure we produce high-quality products. This equipment gives us the ability to produce a range of fruit varieties. The custom blend plant is capable of incorporating gums and powders while the homogeniser ensures that fats and oils are well suspended.

Customers have the option of choosing the ingredients that will go into a supplied base or just to just add water for a fully formulated juice or topping solution.

MFJA have low acid pasteurising capabilities and an aseptic filling system to produce a product with microbial stability at any pH or viscosity. The fruit bitterness and acidity can be adjusted with FSANZ approved food processing resins.

We produce clear juices using fining agents, filtration, deionisation or a combination of those processes. Our juices are concentrated on site using plate evaporators. MFJA also slice and dice citrus peel for use in marmalade and cakes.